Wrongful Termination

Many people in Cleveland and across the country have lost jobs as a result of the recent economic downtown. Even in good times, of course, people are laid off. Losing a job, or being fired, does not necessarily mean an illegal action occurred.

While each state has laws governing employment relationships, most states, including Ohio, are considered at-will. This means that individuals without a written or other employment agreement are hired at will and either employer or employee can terminate employment without notice.

Wrongful termination refers to unfairly losing a job in violation of a written or other employment agreement, or for a cause that violates state or federal law. Seeking the advice of a wrongful termination attorney experienced with wrongful termination claims in Cleveland is crucial if you believe you were laid off due to:

  • Discrimination: Federal and state laws protect employees against unlawful discharge based on factors including age, race, color, disability, nationality, pregnancy, religion or gender.
  • Sexual harassment: Employees are protected from firing related to sexual harassment.
  • Violation of agreement: The existence of a written, oral, collective bargaining, or labor agreement may make certain employment terminations illegal.
  • Retaliation: It is illegal to fire an employee because they have filed a claim or are participating in an investigation of an alleged discriminatory action.
  • Policies: Employers cannot legally fire workers in violation of their own termination policies.
  • Illegal acts: Employees cannot be fired for refusal to commit an illegal act at the behest of their employer.
  • Public service: Being fired as a result of undertaking jury duty or voting is illegal.
  • Constructive termination: Employees who quit as a result of a stressful and harassing workplace may have a claim for constructive wrongful termination.

A focus on employee rights

With decades of experience as wrongful termination attorneys in Cleveland, Zipkin Whiting Co., LPA has a skilled legal team focused on employee discrimination and the underlying causes of illegal discharge. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated or are about to be fired, consider these steps:

  • Attempt to resolve the matter with your employer before termination through any reporting or bargaining process available to you.
  • Contact a lawyer in Cleveland with a practice focus on wrongful termination claims.
  • Document all incidents, requests, and responses between you and your employer. The possibility of achieving a good outcome on a discrimination complaint or wrongful termination lawsuit may rest on evidence provided by adequate documentation of your situation.

Contact our wrongful termination lawyers in Cleveland

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