Racial Discrimination

Although race and color discrimination were banned under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination based on ethnicity—national origin—is still a common occurrence. The Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOC) logged 33,579 race-based complaints in 2009, a substantial rise in complaints from 2007.

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Race discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfairly in the workplace because of their ethnic background, color, or race. Although there is overlap, distinctions between race and color exist:

  • Race: Considered to be discrimination based on physical characteristics associated with a certain ethnic group or national origin.
  • Color: Includes unfair practices based on skin color, complexion, or pigmentation regardless of ethnic group. White or Caucasian people are protected from discrimination under the same law.

Racial discrimination is illegal

Racial discrimination is serious, illegal, and punishable by law. Racially charged behavior or treatment is personally damaging and creates a hostile work environment for the target of the harassment and others. Illegal behavior means treating someone unfavorably, and may involve:

  • Withholding employment, promotion, or other opportunities
  • Employment termination based on race or color
  • Offensive jokes, ethnic slurs, insensitive, or stereotyping statements
  • Any policy or rule that targets a member of a protected class or places a worker at a disadvantage due to their race or national origin
  • Discriminatory action between members of the same or different minority groups

Dealing with racial discrimination in Cleveland

Lawsuits against companies engaging in racial discrimination have proliferated in recent years. High profile cases have paved the way for heightened sensitivity to racial issues in the workplace. But discrimination based on stereotypes is still happening. If it happened to you, you should consider:

  • Gathering information: Be able prove the time, date, and source of the incident, or incidents if harassment was ongoing. Try to use hardcopy documents such as email correspondence and other documentation.
  • Contacting the EEOC: If your complaint remains unresolved after speaking with your employer, file a complaint with the EEOC field office in Cleveland.
  • Getting help: Contact an experienced employment discrimination attorney to aggressively protect your rights. Remedies may include lost pay, promotion, employment, reinstatement, compensatory or other damages.

We can help with race discrimination

Our firm has a strong track record of achieving satisfying outcomes for race discrimination clients in Cleveland who have experienced racial and other forms of discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of race or color is illegal and should not be tolerated. Contact us today or call toll free 888-339-6094 or 216-514-6400.